Wand boxed  books
  • 15 / August / 2020

Enchanting Harry Potter toys, Wands by SASofties

Harry Potter Wands by SASofties, how to package and label with accompanying books of instruction

Having made a selection of wands, I realized that a wand must have a special place for safe-keeping!

Making a box lined with fabric seemed the only way to store a magical object!

Wizards in training need tips and instructions, so I printed a Book of Spells, Grade 1, and a Book of Wand Motions to be issued with a chosen wand. These are freely available on the web, not original to me, but I did print original covers which I lined with fleece and this gives the books a lovely leathery feel when handled.

Ollivander's, Makers of Fine Wands since 385BC, labels are also available for downloading and printing online. I redesigned the labels to match the Medieval book cover style I have chosen. Here I list the magical secret components of my wands, fairy wings, unicorn hair, dragon's heartstrings, phoenix feathers.........!