$21.00 - $42.00

Enchanting Harry Potter brought to you!

Sorting Hats, #1 & #2, have a pocket with the Hogwarts house cards so that a house card can be selected "blind" while wearing the hat. A letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School is also included, blank spaces left to fill in a name and date. This letter can be used as a party invitation or a gift card. 38cm diameter x 36 to 39cm high, each hat has chin-ties for a secure fit.

Crookshanks, #3, that wise cat, is silky and washable. Crookshanks measures 50cm from nose to tip of tail x 31cm from top of head to forepaws x 16cm wide, real cat size!

Dobby, #4, endearing and cuddly and washable. Dobby measures 40cm from top of head to toes x 20cm across shoulders x 10 cm from tummy to back.

Pigwidgeon, #5 & #6, has a scrolled letter from Ron Weasley to ask the lucky child who received his owl, to care for him in his retirement. Pigwidgeon measures 30cm high x 18cm wide x 12cm front to back at chest height.

Niffler, #7, so sweet and naughty, has a tummy pocket for his special items, (usually stolen jewels). Niffler measures 25cm high x 26cm from tail tip to toes x 19cm across.

Demiguise, #8, silky and lovely to hold is a little bit ugly but more lovable for it! Demiguise measures 36cm from top of head to tail x 28cm across his chest x 50cm from tail tip to toe tip.

Hedwig, #9, Harry's faithful messenger owl, has a scrolled letter asking Hedwig's new owner to care for him in retirement, with thanks from Harry. Hedwig measures 37cm high, 20cm across, and 15cm from front to back.

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