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Formulated with healing ingredients for a gentle kind to the skin wash, all of these family soaps can be used as a shampoo.

Condition your hair with sweet almond oil or coconut oil hair mask before washing, commercial conditioners are not compatible!

African Honey - avocado oil and butter soap made with honey, African black ashes and shea butter for a soap suitable for eczema and psoriasis sufferers, this soap is a great shampoo too. Very lightly fragranced with pine and rosemary essential oils for their anti-bacterial properties.

Summer Berry - avocado oil and butter soap delightfully fragranced with apple and berry fragrances, enriched with shea butter, this is the same recipe as African Honey and is a lovely kiddie's soap and shampoo, gentle and kind to delicate skin.

Scrub - olive oil 'miracle' soap that clears acne, fights cellulite, clears skin pigmentation with regular use. A must-have coffee exfoliator for rough skin - use the bar of soap to scrub, and for the face - wet the soap and face and then scrub gently with the bar of soap. Fragranced with cinnamon and clove bud essential oils for their anti-bacterial properties.

Soap bars are cut from a loaf and measure approximately 9 x 7 x 2 cm and weigh 95 - 115 grams. Varying ingredients and top designs contribute to varying sizes and weight. A bar of soap can be cut in half with a good kitchen knife for a smaller hand or kiddie's soap.

Best before 9 months, (fragrances do fade after that), store in cool dry conditions, allow soap to breathe, it is an organic product!