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CREAMY, LUXURIOUS, FRAGRANT, and an ideal gift soap that will always be well received!

Children love this soap because it doesn't burn their eyes, it floats and is soft and tactile.

Made with kaolin clay, coconut oil & cocoa butter, this is a smooth, dense lathering soap that holds fragrances so well, you will smell the fragrance on your skin hours after bathing.

In-stock fragrances are African Baobab (baobab), Pear Perfection (pear & lemongrass), Nougat (marshmallow), Sandalwood (amber & sandalwood), Lush Lavender (lavender), Antique Rose (rose & rose geranium)

Soap bars are cut from a loaf and measure approximately 9 x 7 x 2,5 cm and weigh 85 - 110 grams. Varying ingredients and top designs contribute to varying sizes and weights. A bar of soap can be cut in half with a good kitchen knife for a smaller hand or kiddie's soap.

Best before 12 months, (fragrances do fade after that), store in cool dry conditions, allow soap to breathe, it is an organic product!